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Cyber Champions is a not-for-profit organisation delivering an exciting community giveback initiative to promote best practices in digital literacy and online safety awareness to schools, youth organisations and interest groups across the UK. The programme is being driven by networks of Cyber Champions, young professional volunteers, supported by a growing number of private and public sector organisations motivated to make a difference to their local communities and up-skill future generations.

School children are encouraged to become ‘Cyber Prefects’ and share their learning with peers and family. As well as raising awareness on how to be safe and savvy online, the Cyber Champions are also representative business and IT role models for the next generation. In turn the young professionals are supported and mentored by ‘Cyber Guardians’, leaders in business or in positions of expertise in their field.

Thousands of children have already benefitted from participating in Cyber Champion workshops since its launch in June 2011 at the House of Commons. The feedback has been tremendous and the programme is expanding rapidly, including collaboration with Universities to roll-out ‘Campus Cyber Champions’. The momentum and success of this initiative is a testament to the on-going support and dedication of all those involved.

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"The challenge with Cyber is that young people are already ahead of the game. We need to do all we can while they are still young to ensure they are able to look out for themselves and be safe in the online world." - Commissioner Adrian Leppard, Cyber Guardian

"Staying safe online is difficult even for my age group. I’m delighted to be part of something that teaches kids to protect their futures by really thinking about what they put online." - Colin Powers, Cyber Champion

"Cyber Champions is a superb example of the importance of older children acting as role models for the next younger generation." -- Rt Hon Alun Michael MP

"I know that we are all aware of the potential dangers of social networking sites and the like… We have to educate our students in the rights and wrongs of using the internet before it is too late. With Cyber Champions we can make a real difference in addressing this issue head on." -- Louise De-Hayes, Headteacher, Young Options College

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