Get involved ... and make a difference

The success of the Cyber Champion’s programme is a testament to the enthusiasm, commitment and dedication of all our volunteers. If you want to make a difference, join us now and become one of our inspirational volunteers.

Getting involved is easy.

If you are an organisation you can volunteer your young professionals as part of your CSR activity and/ or provide funding or help in kind. Our team is on standby to help and to respond to any questions.

If you are a young professional volunteer you will be invited to a briefing call and provided with a standard ‘activity kit’ that includes a project brief, activity outline, presentation and speaker notes. You will also be encouraged to liaise and network with other Cyber Champions. The online safety awareness workshops reference learning materials from relevant sources including Childnet International, the Grids for Learning, Get Safe Online, see their article on the Rise of the Cyber Champions.

Cyber Champions

Cyber Champions photo

As a young professional, you can contribute to your community by becoming a Cyber Champion. Cyber Champions promote online safety awareness in schools and youth organisations by delivering e-safety awareness workshops and act as business and IT role models for the next younger generation.

In today’s world it takes a lot to get ahead. For young professionals, becoming a Cyber Champion is a great way to enhance personal development and raise profile. As well as expanding your network, you will build on transferrable skills such as leadership, teaming, learning and communications. You will be supported and mentored by ‘Cyber Guardians'.

Cyber Guardians

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Cyber Guardians are role models, promoting the Cyber Champion programme and encouraging best practice in business, e-safety and citizenship. As business leaders and subject matter experts, Cyber Guardians also have the opportunity to support and mentor Cyber Champions, contributing to the development, networking and motivation of young professionals.

Cyber Prefects

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Cyber Prefects are school children who participate and complete a Cyber Champion workshop. This provides school children with the opportunity to learn about online best practices early, ask questions and to share their own experiences.

As well as putting their learning into everyday practice, Cyber Prefects are encouraged to promote the e-safety messages to their peers and family.

Campus Cyber Champions

Campus Cyber Champions photo

Campus Cyber Champions are nominated students and faculty personnel from partner Universities participating in the Cyber Champions programme.

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